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JW Life Science Hospital Product R&D Center

Certified in “March 2003”, Hospital Product R&D Center of JW Life Science has been making efforts to organize and develop all the IV Fluid-related manufacturing to establish a solid position as a research institution specializing in IV Fluid. In preparation for the age of quality globalization in the future, it contributes to company profits by developing new technology through “Commercialization of technology”. In 2018, expanding the field of research to all products which patients use such as catheter, container for medicine and so on, we has been renamed as Hospital Product R&D Center.

Core competencies (Technology Platform)

  • Lipid Emulsion Technology
  • TPN Manufacturing Technology
    (Convenient multi-chamber system)
  • medicinal Bag/container manufacturing and
    development technology
  • Premix development

2003 ~ History

  • 2017
    • Re-released plasma substitute
    • Released small sized Winuf® inj
    • Development of leakage-improved film
  • 2016
    • Reset for Packaging Design 3CB Product
    • New for foreign-registered TPN Tip
  • 2015
    • Development of PP Cap rubber stopper designed
    • Development of New Packaging system for TPN
    • Development of Oxygen barrier bag film
  • 2014
    • Launched the Lipid MONO-chamber bag containing Omega-3 acids (Lipision F 20%)
    • Completed the development of JW Linezolid Inj, an oxazolodinone antibiotic
    • Launched JW Moxifloxain Inj, a 3rd generation quinolone antibiotic
  • 2013
    • Launched the 3-chamber bag product containing Omega-3 acids (Winuf® inj)
  • 2012
    • Released NaK200 for high content of KCI
    • Released JW Levofloxacin inj. (2nd Quinolone antibiotic)
  • 2011
    • Development of NS for catheter cleaning
  • 2010
    • Localization of single agent for glutamine (Glutadd inj)
    • Released Small sized Hemo dialysis (5.5L/7L)
  • 2009
    • Released three kinds of MCT-containing COMBIFLEX product series
  • 2007
    • Full scaled launch of Korea’s first LIPID MONO-Chamber bag product
  • 2006
    • Relocated R&D center to a new building: Dangjin, Chungnam
    • Commercialized Korea’s first 3CB “COMBIFLEX LIPID” product successfully
  • 2005
    • Launch of Korea’s first 2CB “COMBIFLEX” product
  • 2004
    • Selected as Developer of Parts and Materials Research Projects, Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2003
    • Certified “Choongwae R&D center” as the company laboratory