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Financial Highlight

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Sungnam Cha

  • Present JW Life Science CEO
  • Former Head of Management Planning Dept., JW Choongwae Pharmaceutical
  • Former Head of Production Division, JW Life Science

Jeong Yeol Noh
Executive Director

  • Currently head of HP Research Center, JW Life Science
  • Former Head of Quality Assurance, JW Life Sciences
  • Former Head of Pharmaceutical Research Division, Shinpung Pharmaceutical

Hyun-Seok Han
Executive Director

  • JW Life Science Product Plant Manager
  • Former JW Sino-foreign pharmaceutical product plant
  • Former Huons Production Head

Yongwon Park
Non-executive Director

  • Currently, the obstetrician-gynecologist of Bundang Cheil Women's Hospital
  • Former Head of Severance Hospital
  • Former Chairman of the Korean Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hyun Soon Lee
Non-executive Director

  • Vice Chairman of Doosan Corporation
  • Former Vice Chairman, Research & Development Headquarters,Hyundai Motor Company
  • Former Chairman of the Korea Society of Automotive Engineers

Lee Hyun Soon
Non-executive Director

  • Vice Chairman of Doosan
  • Vice Chairman, Chief of Hyundai Motor Company General R&D Division
  • President of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers

Tae Hoon Kim
Other Non-executive Director

  • Currently, SK Securities PE
  • Former Shinhan Investment Corp.
  • Previous Director of Korea Technology Investment Investment Team 1