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Thank you for visiting JW Life Science website.

JW Life Science is an affiliated company of JW Holdings, which has grown and developed based on the corporate philosophy of respect for life since its foundation in 1945. JW Life Science was established in 2002 with the aim to develop and produce infusion solutions and contribute to the promotion of the domestic drug industry and public health.

We at JW Life Science have focused our attention solely on infusion solutions, which are considered the most fundamental medicinal product, and consolidated our identity as a company specializing in this particular area over the years.

We are involved in every process related to infusion solutions from the development of container materials and products such as functional and high-value-added nutrient solutions to production.

We have extended our influence beyond our national borders and expanded into the global market. Moreover, the executives and employees of our company are working together to realize our common vision to become the top global nutrition company.

JW Life Science has been able to make progress in this regard thanks to the generous trust and enthusiasm of shareholders and customers. We will always do our best to be a proud JW in the world while contributing to shareholders, customers, and the society to which we belong so that we can return our faith and support.