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  • 2018.10

    Establishment of strategic partnerships/investments with overseas ventures holding first-in-class drugs.​​​

    Lipids are components of cell membranes in the human body and play a role in energy supply, intracellular signal transduction, and essential fatty acid supply. Soybean oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil, olive oil, and refined fish oil are used for nutritionally used lipids. Soybean oil has been developed relatively commercially and has been used until now, but it has been suggested to promote inflammation due to the inclusion of omega-6 (Linoleic acid, Arachidonic acid). In addition, since the 1980s, a method of replacing a portion of soybean oil with medium-chain triglycerides has been proposed for the rapid dissemination of energy sources. Since then, olive oil rich in omega-9 (Oleic acid) and refined fish oil rich in omega-3 (EPA, DHA) have been used in intravenous nutrition and known to have anti-inflammatory effects.

    HP R&D Center is developing products that can help patients nourish their patients and accelerate their healing thru’ lipid-related studies.