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JW Dangjin Production Complex

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JW Life Science produces IV fluid products of world-class quality by the automated facilities in all processes.

JW Dangjin Production Complex of JW Life Science located in Dangjin, Chungnam is the world’s largest eco-friendly non-PVC IV fluid plant of design, construction, and facilities in accordance with the international GMP standard. The entire production is performed by a fully automated system.

Expanding into the U.S. and Europe
with international quality certifications

Emerging into a global pharmaceutical company

  • International Quality Standard
    • Water treatment system
    • Air conditioning system
    • Equipment system
  • Factory Automation
    • Automated system
    • Barcode system
    • Logistics system
    • Central Control Office
  • Eco-friendliness
    • Environmental Management System
    • R&D projects on eco
      -friendly products

Full view of the plant

  • Land : 142,579㎡Equivalent to 24 international standard soccer fie
  • Building : 185,860㎡
  • Warehouse : 8,400㎡24,000 Cells

Factory Automation

Central Control Office

  • Security facilities
  • Manufacturing equipment/ facilities
  • Logistics warehouse
  • Material transport
  • Utilities
  • Air conditioner facilities

Technology the company possessed

JW Dangjin Production Complex technology the company possessed
Classification Technology Description Applied products
Manufacturing Technology Manufacturing technology for IV Fluid containers Capable of producing various
IV Fluid containers
Multi-Chamber bag
(single, Double, Triple bag)
PP Bottle PE Bottle
FFS (Form Fill Seal)
Container molding, filling, and Sealing is executed automatically on a single machine Single Bag
Sterile manufacturing Possessing sterile injections
automation system
All products
Liposome technology Emulsification technology Lipision
Product Technology Multi-Chamber product technology A single fluid container has multiple chambers opening just before use. It is the most advanced product with chemical stability of medicinal fluids and the increased consumer convenience that requires high-level technology. 2CB
Fat emulsion for injections Manufacturing Fat emulsion products for injections using Emulsification technology Lipision
Lipision MCT
Antibiotics Pre-mix technology Ciprofloxacin
Amikacin sulfate