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Cyber Auditing Office appreciates the valuable information you
provide us with which will be used to ensure transparent

Cyber Auditing Office, a department that is independent from JW, undertakes management and corruption audits.
It receives anonymous reports of bribery, corruption, or suspected violations of anti-competition laws or regulations and
takes appropriate and immediate action if detected. All reports and actions will be treated confidentially.

User Agreement for Personal Information Protection

Cyber Auditing Office asks for user consent, pursuant to the amended Act on personal information protection

※ For detailed information, please check the Privacy Policy

※ JW does not use the personal information provided by our customers for purposes other than
the prescribed.

Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information

  • To identify the user, confirm the real name, check the intention of registration and ensure the user is of suitable age for the services
  • To deliver notices and obtain a channel to communicate the result of handling complaints
  • To seamlessly provide quality services, etc

Personal Information Collected (※It is an option and if you wish to make an anonymous report, personal information may not be gathered.)

Name, e-mail, and phone number

Personal Information Retention and Usage Period

  • In principle, the user’s personal information is disposed of immediately upon achieving the purpose of collecting the information
  • However, in order to prevent recurrences of wrongful use by delinquent members, the personal information may be
    retained for up to 3 months after the termination of the User Agreement. In case the personal information needs to be
    retained beyond the aforementioned time period pursuant to the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic
    Commerce, etc. or any other laws, it will be retained for the prescribed time period.